our mission

To help battery industry

analyze the energy storage system data easily

Our vision

For a greener, cleaner and more sustainable world driven by battery power

Stepping into the 20th century, the rapid development of novel technologies has reached an unprecedented demand for energy, which is the blood actuating the gigantic machines to move forward. However, according to the fossil fuel (coal, oil, gas) consumption report given by the University of OXFORD, the global fossil fuel consumption increased exponentially from around 5,972.23 TWh in 1900 to around 133,853.38 TWh until 2017.Such crazy consumption not only threatens the very limited reserves of the fuels, but also leads to a very crucial issue: Global Warming. According to the research in 2011, to save the future for the next generations, more than 80 percent of the existing fossil fuels have to be left in the underground.

To solve this problem, the world is transforming from fossil fuel driven to electric power driven, and battery is the key to fulfill this transformation. In the past almost 3 decades, the energy density of commercial lithium-ion batteries has increased to more than 250 Wh/kg, which makes it possible for many applications, including EV/HEV (Electric Vehicle/Hybrid Electric Vehicle), UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), satellite, UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), etc. According to the “Electric Vehicle Outlook 2019” by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, by 2040, 57% of new car sales and 30% of the global car fleet will be electric.

According to International Data Corporation, by 2020, the total data volume worldwide will exceed 44 ZB(44 trillion GB). Considering the rapid development of IoT (Internet of Things), whose main drivers are smart grid and electric vehicles, has contributed a lot of such gigantic amount of data. However, IQHi noticed that for lots of battery OEMs and EV companies, these data are either in its raw format as sensed and stored in BMS (Battery Management System), or hard to be stored, visualized and analyzed to get more valuable insights to facilitate their product design and business improvement.

Therefore, IQHi is here to help. Our core product IntelliBatt, which is powered by AI and Machine Learning algorithms, can extract valuable insights from the gigantic amount of data in seconds with robust performance. As top leading companies in the battery data analysis field, IQHi strives to provide high quality services in every aspect of data, from data collection, data uploading, data wrangling, data management, data visualization, data analysis, IoT, etc. we believe that data will drive the performance of the energy storage and renewable energy industry. Data will accelerate the development of the renewable energy industry. Data will bring huge value to this industry. We believe our involvement will help achieve the goal of the transition from fossil fuels to electric energy.